Past live dates

-December 12th, @ MoCa – Brescia
-November 10th, Sleep Concert @ Palazzo
-October 25th, with Paolo Dellapiana for Vittorio Corsini @ Arte in Fabbrica – Calenzano ( Florence)
-October 5th, with Paolo Dellapiana about the Moon @ MoCa – Brescia
-September 26th, solo for FUTURA @ Auditorium of Chamber of Commerce – Brescia
-September 24th, solo @ Spettro – Brescia
-June 30th, with Jay Perkins, Parco dell’acqua – Brescia
-June 28th, Sleep Concert with Andrea Nones, Vittorio Guindani and Tiberio Faedi – Selva Capuzza – Desenzano del Garda – Tickets here
-May 10th, presentation of Scintilla – Salotto in Prova – Milan – 7,30 pm
-April 4th, with Paolo Dellapiana – Caffè Letterario – Brescia – 9 pm
-March 10, presentation of Scintilla – Show-case with Luigi Radassao. Playing some tracks with the help of Stefano Castagna. Carme – Brescia – 6 pm

-February the 18th, 2018, 5pm: presenting the movie “Il Suono del mio Passo” which soundtrack is entirely taken from my past albums with the Director Mario Piavoli. @ Mutty, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Mn, Italy.
-February the 24th, 2018, from 10pm to 1am : Sleep Concert with Vittorio Guindani and Simone Lombardi at Carme,  in Brescia – Italy
-June 23rd: Sleep Concert @ Piantavigna, Brescia
-October 28th: Solo and session with Usui Yasuhiro @ 810Chikura, Tokyo
-November 24th: Sleep Concert, Florence

-September 21st: Sleep Concert with Tiberio Faedi, Lino Capra Vaccina, Fabio Mina, Stefano Castagna and Giorgio Presti @ IKEA in Brescia – Italy
-September 8th: Sleep Concert with Tiberio Faedi and Simone Lombardi open air @ Palazzolo sull’Oglio – Italy
-June 23rd: Sleep Concert with Tiberio Faedi, Simone Lombardi and Vittorio Guindani open air @ Selva Capuzza, Desenzano del Garda – Italy

-October 15th: as Flos with Stefano Castagna, Deborah Walker, Diane Peters, Bianca Maria Sciarra, Diego Rinaldi, Andrea Ponzoni and Emanuele Maniscalco. Sound Installation Leonesia Foundation.
-June 26th: live as Flos with Stefano Castagna and Francesco Fonassi. Last day of Rationabiles Tuba, o Guarigione: a 5 months site-specific sound installation. Ospedale station of Metro Brescia.
-June 19th: as Flos 115 steps over the Tower at Festa della Musica. Three consecutive live sets
-May 19th: as Flos at Isola della Scala ( VR). Workshop
-April 16th: with Stefano Castagna as Flos @ Garda Music School, Desenzano del Garda for RE:Music, workshop about unconventional music and its production
-April 15th: with Tiberio Faedi, Simone Lombardi, Vittorio Guindani, Claudia Rossi, Laura Bertini and Francesco di Gennaro @ Cascina Balocchi, Lonato. SleepConcert
-April 8th: with Stefano Castagna as Flos @ Mutty, Castiglione delle Stiviere. Site-Specific sound installation.
-January 28th: live as Flos with Stefano Castagna and Francesco Fonassi. Première of Rationabiles Tuba, o Guarigione: a 5 months site-specific sound installation commissioned by Sub Brixia, an event produced by the Brescia Musei foundation. Ospedale station of Metro Brescia, 5,30 pm.

-December the 6th: Luca with Tiberio Faedi @ Elettronite festival – Lonato. Free improvisations on Steve Roach’s tracks, played by Tiberio Faedi.
-November the 22nd: Flos with Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato @ Biennale di Venezia, Greece pavillion.
-November 6,7 and 8th: Flos’ workshop @ Rebuilding the Future – Siracusa
-October the 24th: Flos’ Site-specific installation @ San Pietro in Mavino church – Sirmione. International Landscape and Garden Congress.
-October the 10th: Live in Leonesia Arte Foundation in Puegnago del Garda. Flos with Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato. Non-linear performance starting at 6 pm.
-October the 3rd: Flos’ Site-specific installation in Santa Giulia Monastery – Brescia. Flos with Agustina Mosca ( didgeridoo) and Laurie Amat ( voice).
-August the 25th: SenderFlos – Flussi Media Arts Festival – Avellino – Italy
-July the 25th: SenderFlos – Musical Zoo – Brescia – Italy
-January the 9th: SenderFlos. Levkosia Music Festival – Cyprus

-December the 12th: Flos. Alicante Loop Festival in Alicante, Spain
-November the 21st: Flos with Markus Stockhausen and No Frills dance company. Lucia Theater, Botticino (BS) Italy
-May, the 22nd: Brescia Loop Fest – Brescia: Tavole di Flos, with Stefano Castagna
-May, the 17th: Livorno Loop Festival – Livorno: Tavole di Flos, with Stefano Castagna
-May, the 10th: Modern Art Musem in Lissone – Milan: Tavole di Flos, with Stefano Castagna and guests. Site specific 8 hours live performance with Lucio Pozzi, action painter

-September, 24th: Le Dieci Giornate Festival – BresciaTavole di Flos
August. 29th: Flussi Music and Media Art Festival – Avellino – Italy
July, 19th: Paris Loop Jubilee International live looping festival – Paris – Solo
-June, 24th: Selva Suona – All Brothers sound installation –  San Martino della Battaglia – Bs – -Tavole di Flos
-February the 16th: Mantova – Corraini Gallery Flos live Finissage for Albano Morandi’s art exhibition “Song for Stella”

the 17th – San Jose – California – Anno Domini Gallery
the 18th – San Francisco – California – Luggage Store Experimental Series
the 19th – Santa Cruz – California – International Live Looping Festival
the 26th – Castiglione delle Stiviere: La notte volante. Music in the wood with 3 dancers from the London Contempoary Music School and 14 musicians.

November the 30th – Brescia – Wavephotogallery: Flos live sound installation for Albano Morandi, with Stefano Castagna

December the 19th – Desenzano del Garda – Music School: Flos live sound installation with Stefano Castagna to open Carlo Boccadoro‘s concert, with Stefano Castagna

September the 12th, ZTS Festival in Brescia

September the 25th at Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena: Concert for the new album with Vera Fisher, Debora Walker, Tara Bouman and Markus Stockhausen.

May, the 9th: Solo concert at ZTS Electronic Music Festival in Piazza Moretto – Brescia

July, the 24th: Performing live audio for “Film” of Samuel Beckett, a remake by The Free Acadamy of Arts at Valtrompia MusicArt Festival – Sarezzo

September the17th: With Markus Stockhausen and Tara Bouman at “Le Diecigiornate” Classical music festival – Brescia

January the 21st: Isn’t ( with Pino Dieni) promo for “Deep Ocean Inside” – Cantinone Arte – Montepulciano (Siena)

February the 5th: Isn’t ( with Pino Dieni) promo for “Deep Ocean Inside” – Martha’s – Brescia

February the 22nd: Solo live soundtrack for silent Movie – Coccaglio

May the 12th: Solo – Academy of Arts – Brescia

June the2nd: Solo – St. John Closter – with video installations by G.Ferrari – Brescia

September the29th: Solo at Fretless Guitar Festival – Knitting Factory – New York

October the 14th: With Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Vera Fischer and Deborah Walker – St. Maternus Church – Cologne ( Germany)

October the 20th: Duo with Steve Lawson – Moyra – Cellatica

December the 22nd: Sound installation c/o Galleria Cavellini – Brescia

July the 2nd: Fucina Artesella, with Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Deborah Walker, Andreas Polyzogoupulos and Davide Ferrari.

July the 3rd: I Suoni delle Dolomiti Festival, with Markus Stockhausen, Tara Bouman, Deborah Walker, Andreas Polyzogoupulos and Davide Ferrari.

July the 29th: Solo Live soundtrack on the silent movie “The Passion of Joanne d’Arc” – Brescia

August the 18th: Improvised Improvisation with Jean-Francois Zygel – Le sette giornate del Garda August 25th to 28th: European Looping Festival  – Zurich – Switzerland

September the 12th: Solo on fretless guitar at the Knitting Factory – New York

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