Scintilla: in depth

The idea of Scintilla was born in 2013, while suffering the weight of old musical ideas trapped in my archive for a long time: basic sketches containing the complete feelings of emotional images.

The oldest of these were born in 2008, immediately after my previous album – Tacet – was published.
I can recognize the reaction to the intense investigation into the concept of using music to create the emotional state of silence, which was the core concept Tacet album.
Scintilla is therefore a collection of songs which range from 2008 and goes to 2017.

All these songs are a reaction in continuity, an act of evolution.

The music memories in Scintilla have been evolving through the years. It’s been like a continuous, open dialogue during which I’ve been diving incessantly into the core of their meaning, trying to clean up, let the disturbances go, define, underline and set free all the germinal ideas and consecutive reactions.
It was like a sustained and immersive work,  an introspective journey into the core of their meaning.

An element which was constantly present and clearly identifiable, was the will to preserve the ingenuity of the initial sparkles ( scintille) that gave birth to these musical life forms.

The act of composing has always had a very intimate meaning and approach to me.

In this case I began to understand there was an additional ingredient that became part of the recurring meetings of the content of this box of old sparkles: isolation.
If I had to explain it in images I would offer a picture of a box of old prints being opened, revealing what now looks like a different life. The only eyes that can connect those images with the same existence, which can find and know the connections that make them all coherent in their distance, are yours.

This is why I’ve been working on these songs by myself, without inviting other musicians or people to collaborate in the making.
An intimate work, which until the final stage has been played to a single person without her knowing what it was going to become.

I was very happy to find the right artwork for Scintilla. Marina Marcolin’s painting is more than the album’s cover, it is showing one of the possible connections with these sparkles, it shows what it means to stare at the glowing of distant lights, ready to hold the wakes you want to keep in your life.
It shows the sparkles define your borders.
Finally, you may be someone’s sparkle without knowing.

This new album brought me to David Newman and to his label Audiobulb. It’s been a very stimulating meeting, immediately breathing enthusiasm in developing this new collaboration. I’m very grateful of having found such a supportive artistic partnership.