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The sound of art places

A few years ago I began to collect the sounds of people walking and reacting to the exposure to artworks through the halls and the rooms of various Museums of modern or contempary Art around the world like MoMA NYC, Tate Modern in London, Philadelphia Museum of Art, MCA and the Art Institute in Chicago, the MoCA in Miami, MoCA in Los Angeles, the MoMA in San Francisco, MUDAM Luxembourg, Hangar Bicocca and Fondazione Prada in Milan and Guggenheim in NYC.

Out of these many visits I’ve encountered two very special moments, both signed by the contemporary presence of a remarkable work of art, the space and its climax.

My visits at the Guggenheim NYC and at the Tate Modern in London have been activated by meeting respectively the work ( and the beautiful interview) of Agnes Martin and the impressive video Memory of a Square of Gulsun Karamustafa.

These became the sonic ambience on which I recorded a musical counterpoint, a sort of dialogue around the displacement of the audio caused by artworks meeting humans.

You can listen and learn more about the idea, the intention and the process on Bandcamp.