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SenderFlos on its way to Flussi

Being invFlussi_2015_logo_webited to play at Flussi for the second time in three years is a deep pleasure, connected to both the human and musical sides of myself.

Flussi is certainly one of the major music and media arts festival in Europe; 36 Artists from all over the world performing on three different stages, workshops, installations, lectures and more; all being hosted by an amazing organization made possible thanks to the sensitivity and care of a very active and generous group of lovely humans.

Through them Avellino town is able to express an impressive uniqueness.

Senderflos is headlining the first day of the festival, opened by the amazing Herman Kolgen, from Canada.

SenderFlos first album preview: The Eyes

The Eyes for webLast summer, Stefano Moretti – aka Sender –¬† invited Flos ( me and Stefano Castagna) to join him to produce an album which could blend his electronic identity with Flos’ organic one.

Everything started with a long session made at Ritmo & Blu magic studio.
After that both the producers Stefano Moretti and Stefano Castagna have gone through a very deep and detailed post production.

Their ability to join in such a strange production impressed me immensely.
Blending pure electronics, intuitive improvisation, found sounds, raw and primitive timbres all together to generate a readable and structured music has rarely offered me such a spontaneous, fluid and natural result.

It’s been a honor to work with these two great producers.

More details and Full preview on Soundcloud

Here is the album on iTunes