The birth of the first tavola sonora, the Flos sound board



Recycling a wood board for self made musical instrument.

The sound board as it was in its original conditions.

The beginning of it was finding a wood board, which I went searching around the farm.
Here you can see it before cleaning it up, an old piece of 2,5 cm thick plywood, 83 cm wide and 42 deep.
I sanded it and began to think what to place on its top.

I was sure I would have used piezo contact microphones.
I had the chance to use them many years ago, actually my first electrified instrument used an old piezo, so I knew what to expect from them. I went for the very basic ones, the 27 mm diameter size.They are the only part I bought new, together with the plug for the 1/4 inch jack.
They arrived quickly via post.

Piezos and 1/4 inch plug were the only parts were bought new

Playing with piezo microphones placement. Feels like setting up a strategy.

to be continued…

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