The sleep solution

playing music that happens just when – and if – the listener allows it to do so is an interesting challenge that may bring using unusual strategies.
Attending to a concert of “ambient” music is nothing particularly attractive if standing or sitting on a chair.
This is surely not the best way to get comfortable enough to let yourself go and reach the state of mind that allows these sounds to reach your inner self and – eventually – move you.

The public in the middle of a quadriphonic audio environment

Open air sleep concert in the countryside

It all started in 2014 with a small winterly event for friends, when me and Tiberio played what became the seed of our sleep concert series.
We didn’t even know how to call the thing, however it was immediately clear that inviting people to lay down on a bed surrounded by very soft lights could help even the most resistant ones to relax and let sounds reach the deep.

Different ways of letting music go in and through you

Winter sleep concert

Since then we’ve been performing Sleep Concerts in small rooms, big gardens and immense malls. As a duo or in ensemble with sensitive and generous musicians as Vittorio Guindani, Simone Lombardi, Stefano Castagna, Lino Capra Vaccina, Giorgio Presti and Fabio Mina.

pale faces like ghosts who are not meant to reveal themselves

the invisible stage

The most beautiful thing is knowing this has been a way for many to approach a music – and a way to make music – that would have been very difficult them to listen to otherwise.
The hope is this has been a way to make them feel the potential of music when you allow it to come in and move yourself, when you allow it to get there with no fear.

bowing is a privilege

sleep concert open air at the beginning of the autumn

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