SenderFlos first album preview: The Eyes

The Eyes for webLast summer, Stefano Moretti – aka Sender –  invited Flos ( me and Stefano Castagna) to join him to produce an album which could blend his electronic identity with Flos’ organic one.

Everything started with a long session made at Ritmo & Blu magic studio.
After that both the producers Stefano Moretti and Stefano Castagna have gone through a very deep and detailed post production.

Their ability to join in such a strange production impressed me immensely.
Blending pure electronics, intuitive improvisation, found sounds, raw and primitive timbres all together to generate a readable and structured music has rarely offered me such a spontaneous, fluid and natural result.

It’s been a honor to work with these two great producers.

More details and Full preview on Soundcloud

Here is the album on iTunes

Alicante Loop Festival

flos al-1062Alicante Loop Festival has been a great time for us. We could also test the beautiful video cut by Andrea Ponzoni out of Aldo Grazzi’s artwork.

Playing with those forms floating in the background has been a surprising and inspiring experience.


As you can see from the picture the stage was pretty crowded by other performers’ gear ( flos al-1034you can see Kurt Rosenwilkel’s set up in the foreground), even in such a tight situation, stage management has been astounding.

So the organizer, the venue and the passionate public.
And the place… Alicante sky, sea, and food !


Markus Stockhausen meets Flos

It was squares2009 the last time I played with Markus.
We played at a festival with Tara Bouman, following to our previous gigs as intuitive ensemble that lead to the Flowers of Now album.
This time I will be playing with Markus as Flos, the first time I will ever use the sound board with him.
The gig will be a show in which the dancers directed by Emanuela Bondavalli will be with us on stage.

The days following the gig, which will be on November the 22nd, Markus will host a workshop in Selva Capuzza.
The focus will be on using the voice and managing the silence.
As always, following Markus on such themes will mean to expand their meaning and connections to limits that have not been imagined before sharing time with him.

I always consider that playing with such an intense human being has been one of the blessings of my musical journey.

I like the idea of sharing the stage with him and with this new project in which me and Stefano Castagna are building such abstract environments as the ones of Flos are.
Very curious to see what will be happening by mixing our sounds together.





First Flos album: Il Sogno Bianco


Recorded in one day, me and Stefano Castagna in full improvisation with our sound boards, guitar, bass guitar and any kind of object we could put our hands on.
Processed in real time with laptops and old school hardware processors, this album represents what a live performance of Flos can be.
It has been released in digital and as a physical cd in a 200 copies run.

Il Sogno Bianco cover

I have to confess I like to listen to it quite often and keep finding new things happening here and there.
How surpring is this new project.
More about it here

Paris Loop Festival Jubilee

This festival has been a memorable happening.

The feeling of being exposed to the state of the art of looping.

Emmanuel Reveneau has organized it with the ability to diffuse his extreme gentleness all around. We have been hosted with such an embarassing care that most of us coming outside Paris were astonished and speechless.

I reccomend everybody to keep an eye on its next edition.

Here are some pictures to help me remember such a great time and feel how great it was.


Rick’s message on the breakfast table. Quite clear.


The big table. All the amazing organizers, musicians and hosts. Such a great welcome makes everything go smooth.


Usa meets NL. Great people to talk with. And great musicians.


My rehearsal room. A few steps from the Seine.


The food these girls have been able to offer us was just astonishing.


On stage, with a heavy metal guitar I have been kindly offered. Air France musical instrument policy was so unclear I decided to leave mine at home.


Emmanuelle Reveanau, the organizer, gentleman, humble human and deeply talented musician. And friend, who owns all my hair.