Alicante Loop Festival

flos al-1062Alicante Loop Festival has been a great time for us and to test the beautiful video cut by Andrea Ponzoni out of Aldo Grazzi’s artwork.

Playing with those forms floating in the background has been a surprising and inspiring experience.


As you can see from the picture the stage was pretty crowded by other performers’ gear ( flos al-1034you can see Kurt Rosenwilkel’s set up), even in such a tight situation, stage management has been astounding.

So the organizer, the venue and the passionate public.
And the place… oh Alicante sky, sea, and food !


Markus Stockhausen meets Flos

It was squares2009 the last time I played with Markus.
We played at a festival with Tara Bouman, following to our previous gigs as intuitive ensemble that lead to the Flowers of Now album.
This time I will be playing with Markus as Flos, the first time I will ever use the sound board with him.
The gig will be a show in which the dancers directed by Emanuela Bondavalli will be with us on stage.

The days following the gig, which will be on November the 22nd, Markus will host a workshop in Selva Capuzza.
The focus will be on using the voice and managing the silence.
As always, following Markus on such themes will mean to expand their meaning and connections to limits that have not been imagined before sharing time with him.

I always consider that playing with such an intense human being has been one of the blessings of my musical journey.

I like the idea of sharing the stage with him and with this new project in which me and Stefano Castagna are building such abstract environments as the ones of Flos are.
Very curious to see what will be happening by mixing our sounds together.





First Flos album: Il Sogno Bianco

Schermata 2014-10-05 alle 23.44.40





Recorded in one day, me and Stefano Castagna in full improvisation with our sound boards, guitar, bass guitar and any kind of object we could put our hands on.
Processed in real time with laptops and old school hardware processors, this album represents what a live performance of Flos can be.
It has been released in digital and as a physical cd in a 200 copies run.
I have to confess I like to listen to it quite often and keep finding new things happening here and there.
How surpring is this new project.
More about it here

Paris Loop Festival Jubilee

This festival has been a memorable happening.

The feeling of being exposed to the state of the art of looping.

Emmanuel Reveneau has organized it with the ability to diffuse his extreme gentleness all around. We have been hosted with such an embarassing care that most of us coming outside Paris were astonished and speechless.

I reccomend everybody to keep an eye on its next edition.

Here are some pictures to help me remember such a great time and feel how great it was.


Flussi – life is surprise

It was 2006 when I got invited to play at the amazing media arts festival that later transformed itself into its current identity: Flussi.

I was a new father at that time.
I let things go so that I didn’t partecipate to what I consider to be one of the most important invitations I had ever received.

This year I have been invited once again.
Apart from being a big honor, this invitation has been the source for something special to me.

The chance to reconnect to what I was years ago, before drops became a river that transformed itself into a vast unknown lake in which I have been sailing since then, and still am doing.

A father is learning how to become more than a father


Selva Suona, the beginning

Dedicating a sound installation to the birth of the international red cross is something which has been floating in my mind for several years.

While flying back home from the concerts in California last October I began to write about it and suddenly it gained a form, a structure.

The first thing I wrote was the invitation to send to the musicians I would have loved to invite to contribute to it.

All Brothers_1





This is it:

I live in a place that holds an important memory: on June 24th, 1859, the disaster of the Battle of San Martino and Solferino brought to the birth of what i consider to be one of the most revolutionary ideas of humanity: the International Red Cross.
By what i know it has been the first idea of organization that put human care at the center, with no difference in race, nationality, religion and sex.
I live in the heart of the place where the battle that exposed Henry Dunant to the disaster has happened.

Exactly under my feet.
The help given by simple people to rescue the 40.000 injured humans and bury the 30.000 deads of that day impressed this man so much that, three years later he created the international red cross, which this year is celebrating its 150th birthday.

Red Cross says they will not celebrate this event as they think it is more important to offer their support to the real goal of the organization: helping people.

I live in this place.
I play my music in this place
I produce wine and make my living in this place.
I feel this place.
I want to give something back to this place.

I would like to use this place to make people aware of what a single human can do, of how big can be the result of a reaction to a feeling.

I consider that what Henri Dunant has done should give a sense of hope.
I would like to use music for this.
The idea is to host a sound installation to be diffused through the vineyards, the trees, the fields of this place.
On the evening of June 24th, after the sunset me and Stefano Castagna will play our “Tavole di Flos”, handmade sound boards. That is the time that the battle stopped after having began at 5,39 am.
The sound of the Tavole di Flos will be recorded and it will be diffused from the morning after in the vineyards, in the wine cellar and, thanks to Silent Radio, a web station, it will be possible to listen to it anywhere.

We will record the boards on different channels and they will be looped and reverberating until June the 27th, slowly fading out to reach the silence at the sunset of the same day.

During these days we want to add new layers, musical phrases, short or long melodic and not so melodic sentences, thoughts that have been collected by musicians around the world.

These contributions will represent the tireless dedication that brought a single man to travel the world and meet people to share and find support to his revolutionary ideas: a soldier becomes neutral when wounded and that medical care means not just surgery, fixing enjuries, but also emotional support.

Three days of layers like the years that took to give life to the International Red Cross.

I am asking you to contribute to this event offering some minutes of your sounds.
There will be no business made on this.
People will be free to attend to the concert of the 24th and to walk through Selva Capuzza during the four days of the installation.

The name of this event is “Selva Suona, from the Battle to the birth of the International Red Cross through the sounds of the world”.